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The Rise of Solo Travel in 2023 : Statistics & Trends

Vienna, (September 11, 2023) – Solo Adventures, the premier online platform for independent globetrotters, has conducted a comprehensive survey of 1500 users and readers, revealing remarkable trends and statistics that illuminate the thriving world of solo travel. These findings showcase the changing landscape of solo adventures and provide invaluable insights for travelers, businesses, and enthusiasts alike.

Key Highlights from the Survey:

Age No Barrier: A surprising 40% of solo travelers fall within the 30-45 age bracket, shattering the stereotype that solo travel is reserved for the younger generation.

Embracing Freedom: 53% of respondents cited 'freedom and independence' as their primary motivation for solo travel, emphasizing the allure of self-discovery and exploration.

Safety First: Safety is paramount, with a staggering 67% prioritizing it above all else when venturing solo, reaffirming the importance of secure and trusted travel options.

Women Lead The Way71% of independent adventurers are female, highlighting their leading role in the solo travel community.

Business Travelers On The Rise: 22% of solo travelers embark on business-related journeys, underlining the increasing trend of blending work and leisure.

Budget-Friendly Escapes: 18% of respondents allocate a modest weekly budget of $1000 or less for their solo escapades, proving that budget-conscious travel is still on the rise.

Off-Season Appeal: 65% of solo travel bookings are made during off-peak periods, suggesting a smart strategy for avoiding crowds and reducing costs.

Europe Beckons: Europe emerges as the favored continent, with 55% of solo travelers choosing destinations like France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Germany, showcasing its timeless allure.

Sky-High Journeys: The preferred mode of transport is the airplane, followed closely by trains and buses, signifying the importance of speed and convenience.

Social Media Surge: The #solotravel hashtag on Instagram boasts over 8.8 million posts, affirming the vibrant and connected solo travel community.

Digital Dominance: Online searches for the term 'solo travel' surged by a staggering 270% from 2020 to 2022, reflecting the growing interest and curiosity around this style of travel.

The Future of Solo Travel

These statistics paint a compelling picture of the evolving world of solo travel, driven by diverse demographics, changing motivations, and a strong commitment to safety. Solo Adventures remains dedicated to serving this dynamic community, offering tailored resources and insights for travelers seeking unique and independent experiences.

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About Solo Adventures: Solo Adventures is a leading online platform catering to solo travelers worldwide. With a wealth of resources, destination guides, and community engagement, Solo Adventures empowers independent travelers to explore the world on their terms. Visit to learn more.

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